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Factors to Consider When Selecting a Mentor

When entering a new discipline, mentorship is essential in bringing success to you. Having a successful mentorship depends on the mentor that you choose to work with. It is always important to choose a mentor who is someone that has stayed in the field where you are making an entry for a long time and has been exceptionally successful. In this article we look at some factors that should be considered when choosing a mentor.

When someone needs to work with a mentor the first thing that the person needs to scrutinize about the mentor is how reputable the matter is. It is important to know the reputation of a mentor when you want to use the services of a mentor because that way you can get to learn if there will be a positive growth in your character in the discipline you are being mentored in if you choose the mentor. It is vital in general that you have the assurance of good eminence of a mentor when you’re working with a mentor. When choosing a mentor go for one after you have been referred by a former client of the mentor to ensure that there are good qualities or alternatively you could read reviews and testimonials about the mentor to ensure that they have a good reputation by having positive reviews and testimonials.

The personality of a mentor should be the second element that you evaluate when you want to work with a mentor. The personality of a mentor plays a critical role in ensuring that you have a fruitful relationship with the mentor and you gain the best from the relationship you have with a mentor. It is essential to have a relationship that is healthy with a mentor so that the mentorship process benefits you more. It is based on this that you are advised to choose a mentor whose personality and your personality and complementary and who you can vibe on the same frequency.

The third factor to consider when choosing a mentor is the values that the mentor holds. It is advisable that you choose a mentor who has values that are similar to yours and if not similar then the men they should have values that are widely accepted in the discipline that you want to be mentored in. your mentor should have values that are supreme to offer your assistance in building a persona that is not only respected but held highly by the society because of the supreme values. Do a background study on the profile of a mentor to make sure that you have an understanding of their most important values.

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