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How to Help Someone Stop Hoarding

Hoarding is an activity that involves buying of items especially when you are feeling emotionally low. The disadvantages of encouraging hoarding, is that it gets to a point of becoming an addiction. If you note that you are either a hoarder or you know of another that is one, you need to take some measures to help stop the behavior. You need to ensure that you approach the victim politely and gently if you want to help them out of it. Hoarding at other times is confused for collecting. With the collection, most collectors are never embarrassed about the items they acquire for themselves. Hoarders will spend so much money in buying items that they are of less value in the society and hide them. Hoarding becomes an addiction that was impulsively started due to sadness and once they start hoarding, it becomes difficult to stop. Some of the materials purchased are usually just bought and kept in hiding places. In this article, some tips will help you know how you can help a victim of hoarding.

Ensure you make frequent visits, though make it seem that you only want to spend time with them. During these visits, try indulge or introduce other profitable activities that the victim can take part in. You need to get the root of what triggers the victim to hoarding. It is only when you create bonding moments that you will be in a position to know what the hoarding victim is emotionally dealing with.

Once the hoarding victim lets you to their homes, you should avoid making your visits seem as though they are interrogative. In as much as you will want to take everything you see and deal with them, this will be seen as attacking, which you should refrain yourself from. If you force or start commanding for cleaning up of the room and littering of the items that seem to be of low value, you may be attacking the hoarding victim as much. Once you give it time, it will be in the victim to open up and ask for help in cleaning up their room.

It is close to impossible to help someone that is suffering from something that you have little or no knowledge on. All cases that are triggered with impulsive decisions and reactions need to be dealt with gently. If you want to connect and have the hoarding victim see you as someone they can rely on, you should listen to them, learn of these struggles and what makes them sad.

You should avoid indulging in activities with the hoarding victim that involve spending or acquiring more items. With hoarding, a victim can eventually turn out to be a beggar or result in taking loans to keep up with the activity.